British one-to-watch Bertie Newman shares charming indie-folk song ‘Wasted On Me’

Earlier this year we introduced you to Bertie Newman, the intuitive singer-songwriter from London with his emotive single ‘I Will’. Now, this British one-to-watch is back with another track that’ll have you reaching for the tissues to dab those teary eyes of yours.

As was the case with the last release, new one ‘Wasted On Me‘ is a charming indie-folk track that showcases the young artist’s innate talent for creating heartwarming, relatable narratives. This particular tale is set against a backdrop of textured sound that incorporates upbeat acoustic-pop strings, enriching backing vocal choruses, and a marching rhythm that perfectly complements the feeling of being consumed by the intensity of a new romantic relationship.

Here, Newman explains a little bit about this emotionally-charged track:

“This track is about the initial insecurities felt when I first started dating my current partner. It explores the relationship between self-confidence and self-doubt in the context of entering a new relationship, and wondering whether you are good enough for them and if they are just wasting their time with you.”

With the release of ‘Wasted On Me’, the artist has also announced the imminent appearance of a new EP, entitled Thoughts So Loud, that’ll be out on 21st April. If you’re after some more of this authentic indie-folk sound, be sure to mark that date in your calendar.

You can also find ‘Wasted On Me’ in our very own Folk This Way playlist.

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