Multi-talented Sivilian delivers pure expression in indie-pop single ‘Best Before’

Let’s introduce you to multi-creative Sivilian, who is not only a musician, but also a photographer and filmmaker, and he seamlessly blends his visual work with his musical expression to create a powerful message. He isn’t afraid to address sensitive topics through his worldview, and his love of storytelling shines through in his work, garnering him a loyal fanbase.

Sivilian‘s latest release ‘Best Before’ is an impactful and infectious anthem that manages to strike the perfect balance between emotion and playfulness. The track features a vibrant melting pot of heartwarming synths, divine backing vocals, and playful drums, all supporting Sivilian‘s soft, emotionally-charged vocals and slightly comedic lyricism.

Speaking about the story behind the single, this artist shares:

I wrote “Best Before” after quitting my career in the advertising industry and moving back to my parents place to write new music. Reflecting on my youth and the time spent in my old childhood bedroom, I wrote about the moment of growing up in my usual humorous way. Among other things it’s about the first pinch in your back when getting up or about the moment of happiness when you still get asked for your ID card while shopping.”

‘Best Before’ showcases Sivilian‘s talent as a songwriter and musician, and his ability to create music that resonates with his listeners on a deep level. This one is for fans of emotionally charged, yet playful, indie-pop, so if that’s you, be sure to add ‘Best Before’ to your playlists.

You can also listen to ‘Best Before’ in our very own Shades Of Pop playlist.

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