Irish singer-songwriter Miranda Faul’s ‘Renegade’ is the encouraging message we all need

When we reach Friday, the much-celebrated barrier between the week and weekend, we’re often encouraged to hype ourselves up and party into the early hours. However, sometimes all you really want is to ease your way into a relaxed few days or perhaps its the busiest time of your week and you need some music to chill out to, that’s where Miranda Faul’s brand new single ‘Renegade’ comes in. It’s a charming blend of indie-pop and singer-songwriter pop that’s a truly honest outpouring from this emerging artist.

As you’ll find in the vulnerable, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, ‘Renegade’ explores themes of alienation and loss of meaning in the modern world, whether that’s the feeling of being crushed by city life, searching for the thing that’s missing, and the restless search for love. This idea is artfully emphasised by the sensitive acoustic guitar and Faul’s distinctive and emotive vocals, both of which are set upon a warm and comforting instrumental backdrop. For the most part, this track consistently flows with stringed rhythms and lush melodies, but at the 02:04 minute mark those layers of instrumentation and vocals build to create a powerful crescendo. This moment becomes the cathartic relief against our chaotic world building, one that welcomes in a sense of hope and promise for the future. ‘Renegade’ really is an essential listen to anyone whose struggled with isolation and societal pressure, because this songwriter delivers such a kind, uplifting message..

‘Renegade’ is a promising addition to Miranda Faul’s growing discography and shows her potential as a songwriter and performer in the Irish music scene. It will be interesting to see where her music takes her in the future.

You can listen to ‘Renegade’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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