‘Yellow Lines’ from UK duo T.I.G.Y. is a beautiful blend of indie-folk with electronica

It’s no secret that we’re drawn towards folky sounds here at Unrecorded, but what gets us really exciting is when a band or artist takes that well-worn musical tradition and pushing it into the future. That’s just what we found when we landed upon ‘Yellow Lines’, the new single from the UK-based T.I.G.Y., the joint project of singer-songwriter Bailey Tzuke and composer Matthew Racher.

While at its core this track is a slice of indie-folk that was originally crafted in the comfort of home on the piano, it goes beyond those lines with an array of vintage synths, drum machines and guitars. This electrified output was recorded with producer Cameron Blackwood and the result is a moving and atmospheric soundtrack perfectly designed to pair with Tzuke‘s ethereal, starry-eyed vocals. It’s a powerful listen that captures the challenges and nuances of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

It’s a beautiful coming-of-age story that shows just what can be done when songwriting and composition within the alternative folk style is experimented with.

If ‘Yellow Lines’ has captured your attention, then be sure to look out for T.I.G.Y.‘s upcoming live shows supporting the likes of Rumer, Nerina Pallot, and Jack Savoretti. For now, let yourself be whisked away by this beautiful song in the stream below.

You can also find ‘Yellow Lines’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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