‘Life Is A Dirty War’ is The Lunar Keys’ undeniably anthemic new single

At the height of summer last year we introduced you to The Lunar Keys, the exciting alternative-rock band from Guildford, a British town not too far away from the big smoke that is London. ‘Oxygen Type’ was our first enriching taste of this band’s professionalism in songwriting, composing and recording and we’re pleased to hear that this second appearance on Unrecorded is meeting those expectations once again. ‘Life Is A Dirty War’ is the band’s latest release and it’s seriously good.

The new single starts out with an unassuming piano-backed introduction before exploding into rock-forward sounds. Huge guitar riffs, melodious frontman vocals, crashing drums and an entire choir’s worth of backing vocals will flood your speakers and your minds. The highlight of this track has to be the empowering chorus with its invigorating refrain, “I won’t live like that no more, / I’ve escaped from this before, / You can’t break me to the core, / Life is a Dirty War.”

Explaining a little more behind these noteable word choices and the song’s overall mood, The Lunar Keys share that:

“The song’s lyrics are metaphorical. They are about being in a bad relationship, whilst facing life’s daily struggles but not surrendering and likening that experience to being in a war. So It’s like Life Is A Dirty War.”

Most important to these four musicians is the ability to give back to their community and so the band is also offering a free show to their loyal supporters at a college location in their hometown; this expresses gratitude to their local fanbase and gives those that can’t afford to go see live music the chance. It’s a really wonderful idea that we fully endorse and hope that other band will follow suit.

For the rest of us, we’ve been very much treated to the powerful indie-rock sound of The Lunar Keys through ‘Life Is A Dirty War’, which you can listen to in full below.

You can also listen to ‘Life Is A Dirty War’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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