London up-and-comer Jack Foz makes his debut with ‘Casual’

Jack Foz has been making waves on the London live scene, playing shows at some of the city’s most iconic small venues, like the Notting Hill Arts Club and The Troubadour. However, the time has now come for this young upstart to transfer his vibrant performance energy to the streaming sphere in the shape of Foz‘s debut single ‘Casual’. It was recorded at Fish Factory Studios and mixed and mastered by Luke Oldfield and Pete Maher.

The British musician makes a real impact with this first single, fuelling explosive drums, kaleidoscopic guitars, and powerful frontman vocals into this high-octane indie-rock banger. We can already imagine the crowd going wild for this one at live shows as it just makes you want to move around and sing along. Interestingly, Foz has chosen this upbeat pop to encapsulate feelings of anxiety that one can experience at the uncertain start of a relationship. Like the major chords and bright melodies of ‘Casual’, you might be pretending that everything is fine on the surface while hiding your true emotions.

While loved-up songs and break-up ballads are aplenty across the span of current music, this consideration to a grey area that often crops up in the dating lives of young people is such a fresh approach. It’s an immense single that represents the start of a promising career for Jack Foz, one that would be nothing without his impressive stagecraft. Luckily for those around London over the next few months, the musician has some shows lined up at Hope & Anchor and The Finsbury, so be sure to give him a follow to catch him at one of those in the near future

You can also listen to ‘Casual’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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