‘Useless’ is the infectious new indie single from mysterious artist Amen Sioux


Amen Sioux releases the enigmatic track ‘Useless’ and immediately resonates with existing and new fans thanks to their unique charisma. Sioux’s new song is inspired by a perturbed relationship and shows to be emotionally adventurous as it explores polarising feelings including relief, regret, longing and resentment.

‘Useless’ is a witness to Amen’s fresher take on songwriting, characterised by vivid collaborations between creatives, which they’re finding more fruitful compared to past working processes. It is evident they’ve cracked the code when it comes to reaching listeners beyond just their ears – we’re in it with our whole being!

As Amen Sioux describes, I reset my approach to recording to make the EP. After I struggled to write using my laptop, I found success working in studios alongside other musicians and professional producer and engineer Maurizio Baggio ( Boy Harsher ).”

Thanks to Maurizio Baggio’s impeccable imprint, the elements in the arrangement are amalgamated meticulously, the production is magnetic. Listeners are offered a virtuous song about self doubt and uncertainty, served with honesty and authenticity. 

Do yourself a favour and listen to ‘Useless’.



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