‘Will you come?’ by Trust the Mask is an eclectic adventure you don’t want to miss


Are you in for an adventure? Well, you’re looking in the right place! Italian female duo Trust the Mask have come out with ‘Will you come?’, a hypersonic track of celestial sounds which tackles the mayhem that is one’s state of mind after a fun evening. 

Immediately, the ethereal sound palette and highly relatable lyrics make up for an exquisitely alluring juxtaposition, which naturally entices listeners to listen to the story. Word for work, we feel the confusion and drunkenness from the night before, all events swishing into one as we carefully absorb the state of completeness and bliss. 

As described by Trust the Mask ‘Will you come?’ is a short story, a tale of an evening of fun. The song comes from a very simple question but which suggests how lightness protracted over time can transform into something more complex. It tells of an evening where everything is possible.  Spontaneity, instinct, forbidden passions and acceptance of the free self. Vague memories of a glass of wine and a hug that temporarily cancels any circumstance.  Lips close but not close enough to meet. Everything that happens after this short story remains pending…”

Some instances hold a familiarity we acquired listening to records such as Pure Heroine by Lorde, and others foster that yummy Italian indie goodness we hear in the work of bands like Husky Loops. 

The chorus is such an ear worm, it will bewitch you in less than a second, so good luck getting it out of your system!



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