‘Feel Alive’ is Dorine Levy’s stirring insight into her next album

Canadian-born singer-songwriter and producer Dorine Levy has returned to the music scene with her new single ‘Feel Alive’, following her critically acclaimed debut release Lenyrose in 2013. This brand new track is also providing a glimpse of what’s to come in a recently announced upcoming album, one that will further showcase her impressive songwriting and production skills.

As you’ll hear, ‘Feel Alive’ highlights Levy‘s beautifully nuance and flexible vocals that are encompassed in a dreamy production that is uplifting, introspective, and expansive. While there are many elements that establish this track in the pop realm, such as the stirring major chords and memorable melodies, the songwriter presents something more akin to a poetical confession. Her sensitive voice keeps returning to the affirmation, “I want to feel alive.” The organic movement of the whole track is further emphasised by the plucked indie guitars and free-flowing reverb, something that reminds the listener of the consistent-yet-gentle course of life.

This single and the upcoming album is the product of a year spent in Dorine Levy‘s Tel Aviv apartment studio, and now the songwriter-producer is ready to share all that diligent work with keen-eared listeners. ‘Feel Alive’ has already set the high standard for what’s to come.

You can find ‘Feel Alive’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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