Premiere: Pleasing’s cathartic, heavy-rock single ‘feed me to those I envy most’

Today, we’re proud to premiere a new single ‘feed me to those I envy most’ from Pleasing, the brainchild of Luxembourg artist Patrick Miranda, who found solace in music during times of struggle.

His music features an explosive cross-genre blend of heavy rock and spacey synths, coupled with emotionally strung lyrics about darker feelings and truths. Pleasing‘s debut album in the mood for super dark times gained attention locally and beyond, and now, he’s releasing a fresh new EP, for us to escape, in Spring 2023, featuring the alt-rock lead single ‘feed me to those I envy most’.

This track starts with a euphoric and synth-driven opening, before the signature vocals enter the fore. The artist’s uncontrollable screams coupled with the floaty and melodically beautiful atmospheres make for a truly encapsulating listen that switches mood quickly and cleverly. Co-produced by Pleasing and Jan Kerscher, the heavy rock offering showcases the musician’s songwriting prowess and versatility. From screeching vocals to light and balanced instrumentals, there is something for every rock lover in this epic release.

As a final sign-off, here’s some insight straight from Pleasing about what this song signifies: “From feelings of inferiority to egocentric and bitter behaviour, the judge will use every expectation you have towards yourself to bring you down.”

You can listen to ‘Feed Me To Those I Envy Most’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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