Written, recorded & produced by Melissa Rose, it’s her sophomore single ‘PLACE BLAME’

We’ve got one hell of a new tune for you this Friday from Bournemouth’s Melissa Rose, who has unleashed this seriously captivating single, ‘PLACE BLAME’. It’s a bold blend of dreamy guitars and textured production that showcases a sound that’s drawn form many influences. As you’ll hear, the artist touches on dream-pop melodies, indie-rock angst, alt-folk guitars, and lofi shoegazey production to mirror the emotional and cognitive experience of her life.

As an independent artist, Melissa Rose‘s ability to craft such a polished and emotive track on her own is a testament to her talent and vision. Her songwriting is deeply personal, and her introspective lyrics speak to the themes of empowerment and self-love that run throughout her music.

Here, she shares a little about the meaning behind ‘PLACE BLAME‘:

“PLACE BLAME is my second single that was written, recorded and produced by me. It explores relationships and heartbreaks in a raw and unapologetic way. I wanted to use these dreamy guitars and bold textures reminiscent of shoe-gaze and dream pop to create a beautiful but moody track that someone could relate to.”

It clear that this musician isn’t afraid of delving into the complexities of relationships and heartbreaks with raw, unapologetic lyrics that are sure to resonate with listeners. Her delicate yet powerful vocals are the perfect complement to the track’s lush instrumentation, which builds to a stunning crescendo.

Even at this early stage in Melissa Rose‘s career, she’s leaving a lasting impression and we can’t wait to hear was self-made wonders she has for us next.

You can listen to ‘PLACE BLAME’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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