Greg Bounce is back with the arresting & empathetic ‘Friends In Towns’

Completing their hat-trick with us this week is Unrecorded returnee Greg Bounce, who previously gave us earwormy gems ‘People In Their Houses’ and ‘Can I Now Feel?’. The Scotland-born, Portugal-based artist is now back with new single ‘Friends In Towns’, and it’s arguably his most personal rendition to date. The song is a heartfelt indie ballad that is both haunting and intimate, with spine-tingling opening piano chords and a catchy vocal refrain. Alongside the musician’s own skillful musicianship, the song features a cast of top-draw musicians, including Dutch Uncles bassist Robin Richards, drummer Andrew Richardson, and jazz pianist Liviu Gheorghe. This impressive crew is tied together by the track’s empathetic production, which is expertly guided by Samuel Jones. When all the pieces are fit together, ‘Friends In Town’ is a truly beautiful work of art.

Interestingly, it’s the arresting beauty of this track that both inspired and intimidated Greg Bounce, as he explains:

“I just wanted to make this song really, really beautiful. So much so, I felt nervous about actually trying to record it. But with the guiding hand and brilliant production of Samuel Jones, I’m really pleased with the result.”

Complementing the enchanting instrumentation, the lyrics of ‘Friends In Towns’ reveals the bittersweet realization of how hollow some friendships can be, especially in the big city. The melancholic tone of the song is especially moving and empathetic.

Another element here is the single’s artwork, which is a stunning abstract graphic art piece, created by visual artist Jerry-Lee Bosmans, who uses vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and playful compositions. The image reflects the song’s emotional depth, complexity and Greg Bounce‘s creative vision.

As the artist prepares for a series of live shows in Lisbon this Spring, ‘Friends In Towns’ promises to further fire his creative momentum.

You can also listen to ‘Friends In Town’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.

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