Australian songwriter Coconut Shy embraces transition with new indie-folk song ‘The Finest Day’

Australian indie-folk music is known for its raw, emotive sound and introspective lyrics and the newest single ‘The Finest Day’ from Coconut Shy certainly fits the bill. This song arrives as the follow-up to ‘Water, Water’, which appeared late last year, and it expands upon the artist’s themes of natural textures, organic melodies and honest songwriting.

The Melbourne-based musician cites his influences include legends such as James Taylor, Jeff Buckley, and Dire Straits, and you can really hear that combination of emotive lyricism based on real life experiences with catchy song construction throughout this track. You can really hear the weight of pensive thought that the Coconut Shy puts into his music, especially as ‘The Finest Day’ revolves around the transition from life before the pandemic to the future.

The lyrics are heartfelt and genuine, “The widest grace knocking at your door, the finest day may come after all,” and set amongst the simple acoustic guitar, the messages rings through clearly. As a result, it’s a heady mix of nostalgia and optimism centered on a single day that neither belongs to the difficult past or the unknown future.

Even just on our first listen (we’re a few more in at this point!), we understood ‘The Finest Day’ to be a beautiful and touching song straight from the heart of this intuitive musician. This is definitely one for fans of indie-folk, independent musicianship or new Australian sounds.

You can also listen to ‘The Finest Day’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

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