‘Indigo’ is the romantic LGBTQ+ indie-pop single from Chicago’s Vanda

Recently, we’ve been taking a breather after the incredibly busy start to Spring and it’s always interesting to come back with a fresh mindset. One new single that was instantly so soothing to our well-rested ears is Vanda‘s new single ‘Indigo’, which is a dreamy indie-pop track that explores the beginning of a long-distance relationship with its feeling of discovery and wonder. The entire track is soft, feminine, and full of optimism, with the lyric-driven narrative exploring a blossoming LGBTQ+ romance.

What we love about ‘Indigo’ is how the production is blurred around the edges, so that even the melodious strings and the Chicago-based artist’s modern vocals are imbued with a loved-up nostalgia. It’s such a gentle and self-motivated approach to songwriting and production. With the earnest promise “I’ll take you anywhere”, this song really does make the listener feel like anything is possible.

Speaking on blending, Vanda also brings in many elements from lofi beats to alt-R&B to indie-pop, and this process really centers ‘Indigo’ into the here and now. It’s an experience true to 2023, built on the inspirational work of artists like Charlie XCX, Audrey Nuna, Remi Wolf, and Julia Wolf with the writing influences of Sasha Sloan and Jessie Reyes.

‘Indigo’ is the first single from Vanda‘s upcoming debut album, Sober in Another Life, which is set to release in July. Be sure to keep tabs on this emerging artist for more indie-pop gold!

You can also listen to ‘Indigo’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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