Blueburst embraces the finite nature of life in rock ballad ‘Supernova’

Last month, we introduced you to the rock’n’roll prowess of Blueburst (aka Craig Douglas Miller), who skillfully combines honest lyrics with energetic percussion and searing guitar lines (courtesy of the legendary Marty Willson-Piper) into tightly composed tracks. Following on from ‘Vanish’, we’re going intergalactic with the expansive, over five-minute rock ballad ‘Supernova’.

Throughout this enormous endeavour, Blueburst marvels at the frailty and beauty of life in the face of mortality. The end of inevitable for us all, but the songwriter doesn’t take a forlorn look at this prospect, instead he embraces the passage of time as a means for us to appreciate the life we have. After all, it really wouldn’t mean anything if it wasn’t temporary.

In keeping with these cosmic themes, ‘Supernova’ is a fast-paced, energetic track with surprises including prog-rock-inspired key changes and offbeat time signatures. It’s submerged in a lush, guitar-driven sound that pays homage to 80s and 90s alternative and post-punk influences that are so essential to Miller‘s songwriting.

So far, we’ve loved engaging with an artist who is unafraid of making the exact kind of music he wants to make. Look out for the full-length album, arriving later this Autumn.

Check out ‘Supernova’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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