Drape yourself in the atmospheric awe of Meghan Pulles’ ‘Father, Oh Father’

Meghan Pulles’ new single ‘Father, Oh Father’ is a commentary on religious trauma and the feeling of being helpless and alone during difficult times. Listeners will notice that the artist takes a different direction from her usual emo-positive style and delves into the complexities of faith and religion. The dramatic-sounding synth bends and choir vocals in the background create an eerie and almost haunting atmosphere. The simple rhythm pattern and Pulles‘ captivating vocals draw the listener in and hold their attention throughout the track.

The song has a distinct avant-garde and experimental feel, which adds to its anthemic quality. The heavy compression and limited sound create a slightly distorted effect that keeps the listener on their toes. The long-held background vocals add to the overall grandeur of the track, while the incidental electric guitar fills add a touch of rock to the mix.

Here’s some further context from Meghan Pulles about where the source of this song’s meaning:

“This song is a song about many things; wondering where faith is when you need it the most in your hardest times, it’s also a commentary on religious trauma and how so many of us have an issue stepping foot into christianity or religion due to our bad past experiences or not feeling welcome. This song is about being on your knees in your weakest moment and realizing that there is something bigger than you could ever know that might be able to show you the light, and it’s about feeling helpless and alone when life is nothing but suffering, and wondering if anyone is actually listening to you.”

This emerging talent’s powerful vocals and thought-provoking lyrics makes ‘Father, Oh Father’ stand out from the crowd. It’s a bold and daring departure from Meghan Pulles’ usual style, but it proves that she is a versatile artist who is not afraid to take risks and explore new avenues of expression.

You can also listen to ‘father, oh father’ on Shades of Pop playlist.

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