Let’s get ‘Down and Out’ with Brighton’s indie musician Park Days

Brighton-based musician Sam Thrussell, known as a member of Dutch Criminal Record, has released a new single titled ‘Down and Out’ under his side-project, Park Days. The track showcases the artist’s talent for indie-pop songwriting, with a breezy soundscape featuring jangling guitars, a gentle beat, driving bass, and subtle synths. The pitch-shifted guitar riff in the opening sets a bright and upbeat tone, soon contrasted by melancholic lyricism and lightly distorted vocals that glide above the soundscape.

Drawing inspiration from Nick Drake’s guitar tuning, the song is about processing loss, and the full band arrangement transforms it into a track reminiscent of The Strokes. Recorded in a day with producer Rob Quickenden, the song’s afternoon experimentation added toy pianos and organ, inspired by Pet Sounds. Thrussell said that ‘Down and Out’ is “for everyone trying to find peace and catharsis in circumstances outside of your control.”

You can also listen to ‘Down and Out’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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