Launchpad: Yakul

Yakul is the freshest outfit to come out of Brighton’s ever-creative climate. While we might not know much about this newly formed four-piece, what we do know is that their debut ‘Giveaway’ is a sure-fire winner for listeners with a soft spot for modern jazz and future soul. You could align Yakul quite nicely alongside…

Launchpad: Melis

Some of you may recognise Melis Soyaslanová as one-half of electronic pop duo IYES, but over the past five years, this Berlin-via-Brighton artist has been carefully amassing a set of production skills. The end result is ‘Love Song Idea’, a sweet and solemn sketch that was written, recorded and produced by Melis, and so gives us…

On The Record: Slowes

On The Record: Danish electronic-pop experimentalists Slowes speak about their upcoming Times EP.

Billy Nelson – Lord, You’ve Got The Nerve

Drenched in hues of magenta, blue, lilac and red, Billy Nelson emerges from the haze while warbling synths and tapping percussion open up his noteworthy single ‘Lord, You’ve The Nerve’.

Yoke Lore – Only You

Following on from the success of his Far Shore EP, Brooklyn’s Adrian Galvin (aka Yoke Lore) has been building momentum once again with intensified earnest. A month ago, he took flight once again with ‘World Wings’, but it’s his ‘Only You’ that has got us really excited here at Unrecorded. Building on the folk-inspired electronica…