Good enough to eat, Tim Plvnk drops the tasty ‘Cookie dough’

Incoming from Universal Music Germany is the tasty new release from producer/DJ Tim Plvnk – ‘Cookie dough’. Funky, fresh and oh so sweet, this is the second 2020 single from the German born artist who began playing music at the tender age of 16. A bubbling dance-pop blend featuring super catchy vocals pitched to perfection….

Anja Kotar takes pleasure in the small things in her latest lockdown single, ‘Simple’

Anja Kotar, is the San José based singer-songwriter that’s been wowing fans and blogs with her catchy and colourful contemporary pop songs and warm vocals. She’s spent the past year going from strength to strength making a name for herself as a conscious and considered pop starlet, bringing out songs that playfully address modern day dilemmas like online dating, toxic beauty standards and technology. Now, as her 5th single of the year, Anja Kotar unveils ‘Simple’, a blissful personal memoire about the joys of being a homebody.

DJ & Producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single, ‘Greenlight’

DJ and producer Will Wallace shares his debut EDM single and music video for ‘Greenlight’. Despite it being his first official song, ‘Greenlight’ is not actually Wallace’s song at all, its a remix of a pop single by upcoming singer-songwriter Rachel Rhienne ,whose magical vocals also feature on Wallace’s version of the track.