Arlo – Shake The Room

“I don’t need you reverence, I don’t need your approval,” might sound like the statement of an individual entirely comfortable with their direction in life, with their everyday activity, but the opposite is actually true. This uncertainty is hinted at with the phrase ” I just seek your approval”; surely a symptom of an image-driven, social media world where one might be tricked into thinking that approval or popularity is everything.

As the London songwriter Arlo explains, ’Shake The Room’ is about losing confidence in yourself, not trusting your gut and allowing others to control your future.” This upbeat pop song comes as a reminder to follow your heart and it also happens to be a sure-fire summer tune with those fearless rhythms, Arlo’s bold vocals and that breathy breakdown around the 2:30 mark. Be sure to add this one to your motivational playlist!

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