Fauna’s latest single, ‘Sometimes’ is quintessentially indie

Fauna is the quintessential indie-rock band. They’re the pure, jamming relationship between guitar, drums, bass and voice that sell out gig tickets in seconds. They’re the band you find yourself jumping around to at the festival, not caring that your £5.50 beer has spilt all over your new jacket. They are the band that you saw in a small home town venue today, that are selling out the Apollo tomorrow. If you love the indie sound, you will love this band. 

The musicians exude an unmistakable UK rock sound, such is the absolute beauty of their music. They get us dancing and do it to perfection. Vocalist, Danny, channels britpop giants that have been before him, such as The Kooks and The Coral in his vocal style; a cheeky nod to the bright future awaiting Fauna.

‘Sometimes’ is an anthem written in despair for the world right now. A flume of psychedelic guitar whirls through our headphones and we’re rewarded nearly three minutes of feel-good bliss by the funky, four-piece Manchester band. Heavy riffs, vocals in their energetic melody and the combination of drums and bass guitar all boast a beat that makes us want to crank up the volume and blast this tune. 

The track wields an air of resilience through the up-beat composition. When the going gets tough, stick on this banger and sing your heart out. 

With plays on BBC Introducing and Radio X, the rising stars are set to reach millions of listeners ready to stream, download and share their colourful sound. The artists are hitting the airwaves with the changing of the seasons; with the news churning out slightly happier stories, more hours of daylight and the unmistakably optimistic sound of Fauna, we simply can’t lose. 

Soon enough we’ll be groovin’ in the sun, beer in hand and remembering how jamming out to Fauna got us through it all. 

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