Lydia Evangeline releases stunning anti-Valentine’s day single, ‘Raw’

Having made her break on Youtube as part of Wayward Daughter, vocalist and songwriter extraordinaire Lydia Evangeline returns today with the release of her incredible new single, ‘Raw’. Written as an anti-Valentine’s day indie ballad, ‘Raw’ is for the single, the heartbroken and the unbothered.

Lydia Evangeline

Drawing on her own experiences of heartbreak and failed relationships for her inspiration, Lydia manages to convey genuine emotion through her songwriting; melancholy melodies lay over pensive piano chords as haunting echoes fill the backdrop with heavenly harmonies. ‘Raw’ captures angst, heartbreak and embarrassment but tackles them all with a gentleness, relatability and ease that’s soothing to the listener.

Driven forward by her stunning vocals, Lydia is able to create something moving and relatable without losing the unique specificity of her storytelling that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie of her life play out in your earbuds.

Speaking more on the release of ‘Raw’, Lydia explained:

Raw is very…um…raw. It was written very soon after a big and painful break up, and I think I needed to put into words the fact that I was actually lost for words, which I guess is a bit of an oxymoron. The whole song centres around “I might be ready talk, soon or maybe not so soon who knows… But right now, it’s still too raw, too painful, I’m still reeling, grieving, processing, gathering my thoughts and my emotions, reimagining my future, going over and over questions and confusion”.


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