Kobenz is a force to be reckoned with in his thrashing new collab with Katy Rose, ‘Sour Lemon’

‘Sour Lemon’ drops in like a jack-hammer of grunge with it’s darkly enticing hook and slapping snare. We’re living our hypnotic gothic dream with this new Kobenz x Katy Rose collab.

Katy Rose has led a notable career in music having toured with Avril Lavigne and wrote the music for Mean Girls; when Kobenz reached out to collab, she detected his musical talent and genre-defying sound would make waves in the rock music world.

Rose sings with a hauntingly melodic voice against a heavy backdrop of choppy guitar riffs, taking influence from alternative-rock favourites like The Pretty Reckless. Kobenz’s distorted voice on the track bursts in and adds a nu-metal twist, feeling like a throwback to much-loved bands like Korn and Slipknot, deliciously gothic in their style. 

‘Sour Lemon’ deals with the theme of being trapped in a codependent relationship and the unthinkable struggle of homelessness during a pandemic. The metal thrashing of electric guitar and drums in the song reflects the battle, but also the resilience of overcoming and escaping a toxic relationship. Kobenz nods to Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails in the composition of guitar, drums and theme of the song. 

The new creative wields a deep understanding of how to professionally blend music and lyrics and has already signed one track to major label, Blanco y Negro. Rose’s father, Kim Bullard, produced ‘Sour Lemon’ and has definitely noticed a force to be reckoned with in the multi-genre rising star. 

Whilst currently suspended in the time vacuum of the pandemic, we’re thrashing out to ‘Sour Lemon’ and dreaming of the sweaty metal-fest of Kobenz’s first tour planned for 2022. 

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