Premiere: Exclusive first look at retro-pop artist Robert Vendetta’s ‘Colombian Spice’ video

‘Colombian Spice’ is a hot fire-cracker surprise bursting with toe-tapping, hip-shaking zeal. Robert Vendetta channels the king of rock ‘n’ roll with his up-beat, punchy tones and flashes of deep groove.

The track features a wild flare fizzing through the guitar, drums and brilliant piano. The song is a riveting fun-fair that embodies the familiar feeling of pure excitement. ‘Colombian Spice’ is that kick in your brain when you find something or someone so utterly desirable it triggers that pupil-dilating, dynamite response in your body. 

Vendetta throws it back to old-school funk and entices listeners to the dancefloor, in the same way that James Brown gets everybody up and partying. The lusty tune and lyrics allude to that all-too-familiar moment of grooving with a stranger and feeling that spark of sheer chemistry.

The song is like the mardi-gras of music; extra spicy and completely infectious. The musician has an excellent command of winning us over with his catchy rhymes and percussion a-plenty. The Norweigian actor-turned-singer derives his tastes from around the globe and is a natural performer. A fire burns in his belly for Mexico, and we look forward to a Mexican influence in his upcoming album, All By His Handsome Self, in September

Watch the premiere of Vendetta’s accompanying video exclusively on Unrecorded. The video, directed by Patrick Oldenborg, boasts Elvis Presley vibes; smooth, slick and with the party in full swing. 

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