Bella Hutton reveals classic pop ballad ‘Reality’


UK based, 20 year old singer-songwriter Bella Hutton has unveiled her brand new single ‘Reality’. A classic pop ballad at its heart, it features traditional pop melodies and soft piano chords which provide the perfect backdrop for Bella‘s tender vocals to take effect. Building with soulful power, Bella may be young but her vocal is set to soar as it delivers deep and emotion fuelled lyricism. Ebbing and flowing, much like the sea meeting the shore, this tack swells with a stirring sentiment which Bella so effortlessly gifts to her listeners.

Speaking of ‘Reality’, Bella shares: “I wrote the chorus of this song sitting in my car crying lol. Then I listened back a week later and thought it actually sounded quite good so I decided to work on it with my producer and through my true emotions it all came together. It’s really based on how I felt at the time, being with someone who really didn’t care about me and it hurt so I wrote a song about it. I felt a realisation that the person I was with really was ‘pushing me down’. I felt lost in myself at the time and the song/video really reflects that.”

Check it out below:


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