Louis Vann Johnson takes centre stage in emotive new single, ‘Backfired’

South London based singer-songwriter,  Louis Vann Johnson takes centre stage in his emotive new single, ‘Backfired’. A light and airy mix of genres, Vann Johnson expertly layers R&B, Soul and Pop on this fresh, new release, creating the perfect reflective atmosphere for his rich vocals and heart-tugging lyrics.

As the first single on his recently released EP, 34/7, ‘Backfired‘ sets the scene for Vann Johnson’s journey of self-exploration, grounding the project and providing context for the following 14 tracks. Based on the complexities of relationships, compatibility and attraction, ‘Backfired‘ sees Louis Van Johnson take on the difficult questions and dig deep within himself for the answers.

Speaking on the meaning and message behind ‘Backfired‘, Vann Johnson explains:

“Backfired is about finding a relationship in a state of chaos. It explores the journey of recognising, understanding and eventually accepting that there are fundamental incompatibilities/differences in that relationship that cannot be solved overnight. 

The song is the beginning of an inward journey where many people have found themselves. It also hints at possible compatibility but it is often hindered/restricted by deeper issues within each individual. Backfired is the first step on this inward journey on my E.P 34/7.”

Delivered over delicate acoustic guitar strings and an assortment of ethereal synths, ‘Backfired‘ is a tender and personal offering from Vann Johnson, who always manages to leave room for the listener to relate and find their own interpretation. Originally written for another artist, Vann Johnson found the track, resonated with it and made it his own, and we for one are glad he did. Coated with a soothing soundscape filled with hope, ‘Backfired’ is warm yet lively, and able to steal your full attention.

Listen to Louis Vann Johnson – Backfired


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