ON THE RECORD: Charlie Noiir talks Anime, hip-hop and the measure of success

Back with another banger, Toronto rap royalty Charlie Noiir releases ‘REASONS’, a fiery and boastful hip-hop track featuring production from Tribe Alexander. Known for his penchant for party-starting anthems and bold, magnetic energy, Charlie Noiir brings all the heat to this one, delivering his most assertive and self-assured performance to date. 

– For those who have never heard of Charlie Noir , could you tell us a bit about your sound and style? 

Everything is melody driven with me. But I play with a lot of different sounds.

– The visuals for your newest single ‘REASONS’ are inspired by your love of Japanese anime and manga… what are your top 3 favourite anime’s of all time? 


Anything Dragon ball related lol

Atack on Titan 

– As a member of more than one music group, as well as being a solo artist in your own right… how do you find the time, energy & creativity to balance it all?

Honestly it’s easy when you’re doing something you love. I don’t even really think about it I just do. 

– Who were some of your rap/ hip-hop idols growing up, which sounds influenced you?

DMX (RIP) Jayz of course. As far as sounds though I pull from anything nothing really specific. I grew up in the church so it’s gospel. My background is trini/bajan so it’s soca/dancehall/reggae. My bro listen to rock n hiphop. To me good music is good music doesn’t matter what genre so I can pull from it all and add my own wave.

Photographed by Tyler Roussel

– How do you measure or quantify your personal success, what makes you think “yeah, I did a good job with this”, is it more personal or based on outside opinions?

I’ll know I’ve made it when I get a nardwuar interview!

– If you could collaborate with any other rapper who would it be and why?

Right now I’d say Don Toliver. His melodies are crazy. I think anything we cooked together would go off!

– Lastly, what’s next from Charlie Noiir what can fans look forward to? 

More music! Always more music!  Got a project coming near the end of the year.

Listen to ‘REASONS’ by Charlie Noiir here:


Keep up with Charlie Noiir on:

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