Welsh rockers French Alps Tiger pour out strong tipple ‘Punch In The Bowl’

It’s seems quite apt that on a predictably dull weekday that emerging band French Alps Tiger would release their so-called Harvey Wallbanger (that’s a cocktail by the way) of a track into the world. It’s an undeniable party anthem that is sure to brighten up even the most doldrum of days.

And ‘Punch In The Bowl‘ sure is a strong one. Sloping rhythms and hungover headache guitars mix around with the raw energy that this South Welsh band are already becoming well known for. Speaking about the intense day that his 90s grunge slammer came to be, the band share:

“We had to call in sick for work after we poured this Harvey Wallbanger. Punch In the Bowl is our fun, wavey, party anthem. For those that don’t find a horizontal mirror unnatural, it’s a sobering portrait of what a c**t you probably are. You’re my fave x

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