Rockers AstroModa drop their debut EP, Unchained


A couple of months ago, we introduced you to AstroModa – aka sisters Veronica and Jessica Pal – who unleashed their progressive and feminist rock sound onto the world with ‘Leave Me Alone’. Not only did we love their classic rock sound with chunky guitar riffs and defiant lyrics, but we also fully embraced their unbridled call-to-action around harassment and abuse towards women.

Their debut EP, titled Unchained, continues to express AstroModa‘s feminism-rooted messages, such as the Stevie Nicks-esque ‘More To You‘ which raises the issue of juvenile mental health. Over a raw acoustic melody and deep bass line, the sisters harmonies blend beautifully as they lament the disregarded symptoms and experiences of teenagers who experience poor mental health. However, their rocky output is never too far away and when we hit that one minute, thirty second mark, the pair launch into a riffing rock chorus. Throughout the song, they encourage the listener to hold onto life and look towards the future.

The third single on the Unchained EP is ‘Moving On’, a riotous and unpredictable rollercoaster of a track which shows off some impressive guitar and vocal works. This one is dedicated to the siblings’ mother, Antonella, who they re-imagine leaving Italy to pursue her dreams. The frenetic, high-tempo verses reflect the rush, the courage and the optimism of the young Italian immigrant, while those quieter, more reflective interludes show how her emotions fluctuated and obstacles had to be overcome.

When we woke up to the news that the US Supreme Court might be repealing the Roe vs Wade Abortion Act and ultimately would take away a women’s rights to her own body and her own choices, were struck with the reminder that the patriarchy still seeks to repress and control women. This is why we must lift up voices like that of AstroModa, we cannot be silenced.

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