Jon Sandman reimagines ‘Maybe’ as a Cassette Mix for eclectic indie kids


Oftentimes, songs don’t fit neatly into a genre package, as much as that’s a helpful tool for us music reviewers, and in those instances you’ll find us adding a track to two or more playlists and selecting a litany of labels on our blog. Through these choices, maybe we can get a little closer to a song’s mix-and-match sound. This is very much the case with Jon Sandman‘s alternative version of original song ‘Maybe’, which he calls the ‘Cassette Mix’. What started out as a simmering alt-folk number has evolved into something closer to indie-electronica, thanks to the subtle alt dance and hip-hop influences of this updated, shorter re-imagination.

A key component of both versions is Sandman‘s baritone voice which soulfully questions what it means to fully trust your instincts when it comes to love. There’s undeniably a Curt Smith/New Romantics vocal melody going on here especially with the retro affect of the 80s drums and synths, but the indie-dance composition keeps ‘Maybe’ situated in the now. We especially love the moment when the frenetic synth melody kicks in while the artist sarcastically sings “should I call the cavalry and have them arrest me? This electricity leaves me guilty as charged.”

Full of dance-worthy moments and metaphorical lyrics, Sandman himself recommends ‘Maybe (Cassette Mix)’ for fans of Sufjan Stevens and Daughter through to the likes of The Go! Team, Sleigh Bells and Holy Fuck. In short, fellow eclectic indie kids will surely find solace is the genre-crossing track.

You can also listen to ‘Maybe (Cassette Mix)’ in our Outsiders Club and Indie Rockers playlists.

Where to find Jon Sandman:




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