Meet Glasgow’s ‘Mischief’ makers, the new band Pandas


On our first listen of Pandas‘ new single ‘Mischief’, we were struck by the joyfully chaotic energy that this emerging band pump into the brief-yet-brilliant two minutes and fifty-five seconds. This Glasgow-based outfit has drawn in influences from indie-rock through to retro-soul to create this high octane experience.

With all of this taken into consideration, it’s quite apt the Pandas‘ upcoming EP is titled Pandamonium, not only a delightful play on their name but also a nod towards John Milton’s fictional vision of hell in his epic poem Paradise Lost, which in more recent times has become a moniker for all things wild and noisy. We think you’ll agree that matches up neatly with the style of Pandas.

Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with these mischief makers in the stream below, but you can also listen to ‘Mischief’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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