‘When The Gods Dance’ is an ethereal alt-folk meets dream-pop offering from Celestial North

In the agile run-up to her debut album, Celestial North will be releasing a new song every Bandcamp Friday until we reach the big day come in Autumn. That’s a season we imagine suited this artist who is so in-tune with nature, especially the Scottish wilds of her home country or the Lake District fells of her current home. Listening to her newest single ‘When The Gods Dance’, our minds eyes is greeted by visions of bronzed bracken, tumbling leaves in jewel-like colours of ruby and amber, as well a silvery bodies of water reflecting the open skies above.

By the artist’s own admission, the spell-binding effect of this dream-pop meets alt-folk song will strike the listener “like a tug of war between euphoria and devastation.” The songwriter’s fascination with folklore and the ancient quality is also saturated into the contrasting textures of organic and digital sounds, or as V (aka Celestial North) put it, “It’s ethereal maximalism gone viking.”

Layers of tapping percussion and ethereal vocals are intricately laid out through ‘When The Gods Dance’, reflecting the complexity of human perception. Devastation or euphoria; destiny or damnation; order and chaos – it’s always present in a carefully balanced dichotomy.

You can also listen to ‘When The Gods Dance’ in our Folk This Way playlist.

Where to find Celestial North:




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