Check out Rya Park’s indie-pop ode to love, ‘Everything We Want’

We’re just a couple of days away from the release of Rya Park‘s GENERATIONAL EP, on which she worked with an all-star cast including Alex Lahey, Gordi, Edward Quinn (Sycco), Sam Phay (Tyne-James Organ) and Toby Dundas (The Temper Trap). Before we jump ahead, let’s take a small step back and get into why we’re all here – ‘Everything We Want’.

This song is a dreamy and rose-tinted contrast to an EP which largely explores Park‘s experience of mental health, but instead ‘Everything We Want’ is a loved-up ode to the artist’s relationship with Nick Tam (‘Kill Bell’s’ guitarist and Melbourne music scene photographer.) Below Park tells us more about their close romantic relationship:

“This song is about him and our little love story. We’ve done so much in the time that we’ve been together; travelled the world, coffee hang outs at the cafe near the psych hospital I was staying at, lived together, lived apart, but mostly have been each other’s biggest support and best friend throughout it all.”

Accompanied by a DIY-style video featuring both Park and Tam, the song is joyful from start to finish. Swimming over elastic guitars and patterned percussion, we’re greeted by a litany of soulful lyrics like “sistine chapel vibes, it’s the best I’ve seen” that further convince us of their genuine love.

Listen out for ‘Everything We Want’ and the previously released ‘Generational’ in Rya Park’s upcoming EP.

You can also vibe along to ‘Everything We Want’ in our Shades of Pop playlist.

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