‘Oxygen Type’ is the adventurous single from bold rockers The Lunar Keys

Like a fresh gust of morning air, The Lunar Keys ‘Oxygen Type’ will wake you up! From the very start of their new single, this UK-based outfit immerse the listener in a high-octane experience that’s sure to captivate even the sleepiest of audience members. The Lunar Keys present a convincing homage to classic rock anthems with their electrifying guitars and thunderous drums, and it’s something that conveys an untamed spirit of adventure. The vocals are especially impressive as they keep up with the galloping pace of this track.

One of the most notable points within the track is the motivational “breathe in, breathe out” sections, which create a sandwich for the chaotic instrumental breakdown. Even with all of the noise of this undeniable loud track, The Lunar Keys still create places of tension and relaxation through these subtle contrasts.

As the band so aptly put it, ‘Oxygen Type’ portrays “The feeling you get to impulsively launch into the night, on a high, bursting with total excitement at living every breath of a prospective night out to the maximum.”

The band are composed of Steve (guitar & backing vocals), John (lead vocals & bass), Lexy (keys & backing vocals) and Dom (drums), and they describe themselves as “4 anxious types from the suburbs of London with too many tunes and nervous energy trapped in their psyches not to be in this band.” From this unassuming standpoint, The Lunar Keys subvert all expectations with their vivacious alternative rock sound that you won’t be able to shake from your mind.

Listen to ‘Oxygen Type’ in our Indie Rockers playlist here.

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