SINGBABYSING delivers tranquil indie track ‘An Incense Burns’

SINGBABYSING (aka Harry James Gibson) is here to provide some much needed calm for our weekend with the downtempo track ‘An Incense Burns’ that bridges the worlds of indie-electronica and bedroom-pop with great ease and skill. In much the same way that a stick of incense gradually burns and lets off its therapeutic aroma, this song also slowly unfurls itself to the listener. It opens with a jazzy backbeat, loops of airy backing vocal and intricate strings before Gibson‘s unfiltered voice comes through. His lyrics are full of positivity, for example “I think I’m gonna like this” and “I wanna see what this becomes”, which indicates the blossoming start of a new relationship.

There’s a really nice transition around the halfway mark, in which it’s just the acoustic drums and an affected vocals. To us, this mimics a voicemail message and thus adds an element a reality to this dreamy and too-good-to-be-true narrative.

‘An Incense Burns’ is the first song from the South London based songwriter since the release of last year’s Springs Brings The Blues EP and it marks a decisively more optimistic chapter in the SINGBABYSING project. We look forward to seeing what comes next.

You can also listen to ‘An Incense Burns’ in our Outsiders Club playlist.




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