The Institute is the irresistibly groovey debut album from UK duo Goodvibes Sound

There are few band names more appropriate than the one that friends Alex and Angus have fashioned for themselves – Goodvibes Sound. Formed at jam parties in Scotland, the now London-based outfit have continued to create free-flowing grooves and dreamy melodies in a laidback style that’ll entice the listener to don your finest patterned shirt, whip up a Tom Collins and settle in for the ride.

It’s just as well that the pair have prepared a veritable feast of feel-good vibes for us in their debut album, The Institute. Stretching over 16 tracks, this record is an impressive collection of psychedelic-leaning original sounds that ruminate on this concoction of situations we call life. While there are so many good tracks in here, such as ‘Beachside Living’ or ‘Hello’, it’s on the more intimate side of things we have our personal favourite – ‘Stay For One More Night’.

In keeping with the album’s greater narrative of someone on a journey to resolve their sense of alienation and isolation, ‘Stay For One More Night’ is a sincere plea to not be left alone. For all of the song’s rich bass grooves and shuffling percussion, which give off a deceptively upbeat vibes, it’s the airy vocals vulnerably singing “all alone” that reveal the song’s true intention. This song is but one chapter in the journey of the record’s protagonist, but its warming quality, irresistible funk and lyrical honesty makes this one deliciously addictive.

Check out The Institute LP in full below and who knows you might find a personal favourite track of your own.

You can also listen to ‘Stay For One More Night‘ in our Soul & Grooves playlist.

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