‘Cyanide’ is the youth culture anthem from Welsh indie-rockers The Fiends

Today, we’d like to introduce you to the Welsh five-piece The Fiends, who have been wielding their potent indie-rock and post-punk across the UK for attention-grabbing tours. Even though the band have only been publicly releasing music since last year, they’ve been making quite the impact thanks to their confident style, which has led them to be recruited by The Snuts, As December Falls and Lottery Winners for support slots.

Now that we’re caught up with The Fiends‘ journey so far, let’s turn our minds and ears to their newest single ‘Cyanide’. This spirited track reflects the unpolished side of youth culture, with drug taking, messy parties, drunk crying and banal small talk. Vocalist Ethan Goslett delivers these stark scenes with a charismatic punk-ish tone and all without a hint of romanticism. Backing up this potent lyricism is an addictive hit-making bass line, thundering drums and powerful guitars that switch between fuzzed-out chords and intricate riffs. As a result, ‘Cyanide’ is catchy and repeat-worthy as heck.

Shedding more light on the story behind this radio-ready number, the band share that:

“Cyanide is an outlook on youth that reflects on being young and dumb with alcohol and drugs. From Ethan’s perspective, it’s what almost everyone experiences going to a house party that is often a rush of chaotic energy, probably because all the teenagers took cocaine or something like that. The song itself depicts that addicting feeling as it’s one of our catchiest indie tunes to date. Josh and Bal are driving the riff throughout verses until the hook hits you like a rush. I think our fans love it so much because it’s something they can relate to and shout back at us at the same time.”

We’re also given a glimpse into The Fiends‘ well-rehearsed live set with a live video for ‘Cyanide’, which you can watch below.

You can also listen to ‘Cyanide’ in our Indie Rockers playlist.

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