On the Record: L’aupaire

For those who have never heard of L’aupaire, who is he and what is his music about?

I’m a singer-songwriter and producer from Berlin. I have been playing shows and releasing music since 2014. I love folk, blues, rock’n’roll and country.

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Lisbon‘?

Lisbon is essentially a wish of escaping winter (coldness and darkness) put into a song. Fantasizing about escaping to Lisbon by taking the famous night train (book by Pascal Mercier).

The track features Lùisa – how did you begin to connect with her?

I once met Lùisa briefly in Hamburg and liked her very much. Then one day I saw that she had released a new song – “Deep Sea State of Mind” – which immediately totally captivated me. I am a big fan of her work. I sent her the song during lockdown and she immediately liked it.

What has been the most rewarding/most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?

The most rewarding moments are live concerts for me. Songs coming to life. I love everything about that. The energy. The dynamic. The audience.  I always leave a lot of space for songs to evolve and I love when moments and things happen I haven’t planned. I deeply enjoy being surprised and amazed. 

And every time a song of mine appears in a movie or series. That’s a really really exciting moment. In 2017 I sat in the premiere of ‘Whatever happens’ at the Munich film festival and the movie started with a song of mine called ‘Hold On’.  

What have been some major challenges in your music career so far?

I had to cancel quite a few shows over the past years and this is always a big mess. Leaving everybody really unhappy behind. The band, the booking agents, the promoters and/or the venue. Losing money. Insurance. 

In the end it’s always you (the artist) who is responsible for everything – sticking his neck out which is quite a weight – a burden to carry. 

That’s why I’ve focused on dealing with my energy household and knowing when to take breaks. I really had to learn this the hard way but I am much better now. Saying “no“ to things and people is really important and sometimes it takes a lot of courage. I recommend professional coaching / mentoring for everyone who is signing a major deal (or any other deal really) and my wish for the industry / music schooling universities would be to put more focus on things like that.

What are you grateful for right now?

Becoming a father for a second time meant for me to have less time than what I used to have for music – to write and produce. And the pandemic reduced it to almost no time at all. 

But I tried to take the little moments here and there and make something beautiful out of it. And every time that happens I’m really grateful.

Which musicians have been on rotation for you lately?

Lord Huron, Dope Lemon, Nathanial Rateliff, Lucy Dacus, Big Red Machine

Let us in on your most played song of 2020?

Kids Fallin’ In love by Dope Lemon

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

Here is a playlist with some of my 2021 music highlights:

A dream collaboration you hope becomes a reality someday?

I’ve asked Rob Moose to arrange strings for a new song of mine. I would be over the moon if that happens.

Someday to play with a symphony orchestra or a big band would be a huge dream.

& Lastly, what can fans expect from L’aupaire in the coming year?

I will release an album which will definitely be the best music I’ve ever written so far. Watch out 😉

Check out L’aupaire’s newest release Lisbon here:


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