On the Record: Me and The Moon

For those who have never heard of Me and The Moon who are they and what is their music about?

J : So we’re called Jonny and Tamara, and we’ve just moved to South East London. We’ve been playing together for around 5 years and through that time have just been writing and gigging as often as we can. We write just the two of us and often play acoustic, but we also write all the other parts which you will hear on the recordings and our live band is made up of our friends we’ve met playing along the way who are all amazing. We write about things that have affected us or people around us mainly.

What has been the most rewarding/most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?

T: I would say every year its victorious festival. It was our first show as Me and The Moon ever, and we’ve played every year since working our way across different stages. A few weeks ago we got to open the main stage and it kind of felt like one of those moments that’s gonna stick with us. Also I grew up in Portsmouth where the festival is, so in a way it felt like a homecoming too.

What’s your favourite season & why?

T: I think for both of us actually its autumn, we both have far to many jackets and its always so pretty.

What have been some major challenges in your music career?

J: I think lots of different things can challenge us, obviously we haven’t released anything for 3 years or even since our drummer left and moved to Canada and we became a duo. That kind of made us take a bit of a step back to re think about what we’re trying to achieve and what we want the sound to be. I think this year has given us the space to really work it out so were excited about whats to come!

What are you grateful for right now in this moment?

T: Right now its friends, we’ve just moved up to London and are in area right in the middle of where all of our friends are. After this year its been hard not seeing anyone, so were super excited to be somewhere with lots going on and being able to spend time with people we care about.

Go to brekky?

T: Most importantly – Coffee. And then anything that goes in a toaster than I can put marmite on. Im a firm believer in breakfast, I refuse to leave the house without it.

J: I hate marmite so much ahah, im not as big a breakfast fan, I would usually just have some fruit.

What has been your most played song of 2021 so far?      

T: mines probably Phoenix by Big Red Machine ft Fleet Foxes & Anais Mitchell. The first time I heard It I literally listened on repeat like 5 times, its so good I want to cry

J: I think its Headphones Baby by The Vaccines, I just cant seem to get away from the bands I loved in 2011, this new album they’re releasing at the moment is cool because its still the vaccines but with poppier production and I like that way that creates something different.

Listen to Me and The Moon’s latest release ‘Strangers’:

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

T: We tend to always go back to either Garden Indie or Folk Rock Favourites is what ive got on right now, it does what is says on the tin!

A dream collaboration?

J: This is a very hard question, I recon maybe someone like Wesley Schultz, he writes some of our favourite melodies and lyrics so working with someone who’s work we admire so much would be pretty amazing.

Recent series you’ve binged or recommend?

T:  We’re not huge TV watchers really.  we did watch a few things in lockdown and one of those was Money Heist. I’ve just seen there’s a new season of that so we might check that our next!

& Lastly, what can fans expect from Me and The Moon for the rest of the year?

J:   We have a headline show at The Brink in East London on Friday 17th and then we’re also playing Isle of Wight Festival. Lots of things still in the works, and hopefully some more new music coming your way.

Ticket link here.


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