On The Record: The Last Skeptik


For those who have never heard of The Last Skeptik, who is he and what is his music about?

Finsbury Park. Native Londoner. Rapper and producer. Alternative emo-rap for people who feel like they don’t belong. Sarcasm, paranoia and beef all wrapped in a nori sheet of cinematic production. 

What has been the most rewarding/ most enjoyable highlight of your career so far?

There’s been so many. Being able to tour the far reaches of the world and have people who are aware of my music is a humbling one, as well as the daily messages about how my lyrics help people through challenging times. But tbh – i’m trying to enjoy the process and the journey of creation more, the therapy of it is the reward.

What have been some major challenges in your music career so far?

trying to get out of my own way is the biggest challenge. whether it be focussing too much on negative energies or doubting myself – but i’ve overcome every single challenge that has come my way. 

What are you grateful for right now at this moment?

zelda: breath of the wild. the tyler the creator album. the amazing live musicians i have the pleasure of working with. my niece. having a long career in this industry, rather than falling off the end the conveyor belt. 

Physical copies or streaming sites? 

streaming all day. i used to be a vinyl and cd geek, and spend every saturday morning getting broke in record stores. now I hate having too much physical stuff so sold them all. there’s no doubt vinyl sounds incredible and reading cd liner notes was a beautiful thing, but streaming just opens you up to a vast world.

What is your most played song of 2021?

it’s joint between: Dave ‘Verdansk’, Wizkid ‘Essence’ James Blake ‘Life is Not The Same’ or Loelash ‘Whispers’

A playlist you can’t get enough of?

my boy Ed made a Noreaga only playlist i’ve been rinsing recently. 

A dream collaboration?

James Blake

& Lastly, what can fans expect from The Last Skeptik for the year ahead?

more videos and content from my new album ‘you don’t like me but i’m still here’ – going to let the world marinate on that for a little while


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